Managed Security

Guiding you through complex security issues

Your sensitive data and applications can be very secure in our Cloud through our Managed Security Systems. In fact for most companies a good outsourced Cloud solution is much more secure than what the vast majority of companies can do in-house.

Key components of the PointClick approach to security:

Managed Security Approach

Exceptional Protection for Web Apps

  • Certified ICSA WAF
  • PCI 6.6 compliance featuring WAF and integrated scanner aid
  • DoS protection for Network and Application layers
  • User-behavior analysis
  • Safeguards protecting against the OWASP Top 10
  • Dynamic Protection that is always up-to-date

Exceptional Protection for Web Apps

  • Multiple options for deployment
  • Easy-to-learn Security Profiling
  • Authentication offloading
  • Policy wizard with policies that are pre-defined
  • High Availability
  • Virtualization

What Should You Expect?

Easy to Use

All PointClick Cloud Hosting plans come with an easy to use Control Panel, an automated point-and-click website administration tool.

On-Demand Scalability

Consume resources as you need them. This allows you to seamlessly react to unexpected traffics or prepare for seasonal spikes.

Fully Managed

We take care of the file migration, virtual machine setup and configuration for you, and your services are ready to go in minutes.

Compliance & Security

Managed servers are ideal for applications that require extra security. Connect security sensitive applications to traffic intensive resources.

Reliably Stable

Automatic failover measures are configured at each layer to ensure your website and applications are accessible at all times.

Unconditional Support

Unconditional support is available for all customers and includes access to online documentation, community forums, and billing support.

Need more help understanding our Managed Services and how we can make take the burden of managing your IT off your shoulders?

Because every little thing matters in managed hosting.