How Managed Microsoft Azure Provides Unparalleled Compliance

Cloud use is increasing rapidly across all industries, in businesses of all sizes. RightScale’s recent 2016 State of the Cloud report indicates that 95% of businesses are using the Cloud in some form, and that number continues to increase. Whether Public, Private, or Hybrid, Cloud solutions are here to stay – an inevitability of today’s business world.

Three main providers dominate the market – Amazon Web Services (AWS), whose Cloud business is 10 times the size of all its competition combined, Microsoft Azure, with a market share twice the size of the next closest competitor, and Google. All three continue to gain ground in the race to rule the Cloud, and all three are striving to establish themselves as the obvious answer to the question, “Which hosting provider should I choose?”

Of course, every business wants to ensure it has the best in value, security and performance for its data and applications. But an equally important consideration for those companies facing regulatory compliance or security concerns is “Who should I partner with for Cloud solutions?” The fact is, all of the big three Cloud providers offer power, scalability, and much-needed space for growing companies to spread their wings. Of course, each Cloud hosting provider has its pros and cons, but finding the right partner can make just as much of a difference as choosing the right Cloud.

Finding the right hosting provider partnership is just as important as finding the right Cloud solution.

3 Reasons to Choose Managed Microsoft Azure

For those industries where compliance, security, and reliable recovery are must-haves, managed Microsoft Azure is an obvious first choice. If your team falls into this category of businesses with extra-stringent Cloud demands, an experienced team specializing in Microsoft Cloud technology is your best bet for a smooth transition to the Cloud.

1. Data Recovery Policies and Support

As much as we’d like to hope that the worst will never happen, failing to prepare is preparing to fail – thank you, Benjamin Franklin. The only way to be truly certain your sensitive data and applications are safe and secure is to ensure there are documented systems in place to protect them. While most providers will offer a recovery plan in some form, a managed Microsoft Azure provider takes your protection to the next level with an exceptionally detailed and thorough disaster recovery plan (hidden behind the wall of a strict NDA) so you can be sure that nothing will compromise the valuable data you entrust to your provider.

So if Azure offers such watertight recovery strategies, why do you need managed Microsoft Azure? Surely if Microsoft’s Cloud is all it’s cracked up to be, you can handle things just fine on your own. You could — but relying on Azure alone is a bit like saying that, because you have home insurance, you don’t need to lock your doors or have a security system. It’s the combination of the power of Azure and the personalized service of your managed provider that truly protects your data. After all, Microsoft is a massive company marketing solutions for organizations worldwide – while your managed Microsoft Azure partner knows your business, your vulnerabilities, and your needs.

Managed Azure Services from PointClick Technologies

2. Seamless Links to Your Existing Software

For decades, Microsoft has been the brand of choice for enterprise software, and the odds are good that your business is using one or more of their systems in your offices already, whether it’s Windows Server or System Center.

RightScale’s report highlighted the fact that a lack of resources and expertise is the number one challenge facing businesses of all sizes and maturity levels as they increase their reliance on the Cloud. Choosing managed Azure Cloud services eliminates much of the learning curve that comes with a new system, as the UI is familiar and the technology is built to integrate with platforms you already employ.

While the learning curve reduction makes the transition more comfortable for your team, the big benefit here is that your Microsoft CSP will be well-versed in all aspects of both the on-premise systems you currently use and the Cloud space you’re transitioning to. This minimizes the chance of running into unexpected glitches or faults that can come with only a surface understanding of the technology, and once again ensures that your data and applications are in good hands.

With Microsoft Azure, your team will benefit from a smooth transition with a familiar user interface.

3. Support for a Hybrid Cloud Approach

Azure was built with a strong focus on the value of a “hybrid” approach to Cloud hosting. This development strategy means that managed Microsoft Azure is better designed to support a Hybrid Cloud strategy. What does that mean to you? It says that while some of your data and applications are high in the Cloud, you still have the ability to integrate them with data that remains securely locked down in an on-premise server or a Private Cloud through a third-party service provider like PointClick Technologies.

As businesses struggle to achieve more with fewer resources, the ability to leverage Cloud computing power to handle complex processes while keeping a tight grip on sensitive or confidential data is invaluable. A recent Economist Intelligence Unit report shows that 49% of business technology users expect tech to allow them to get more work done in their day, and the flexibility and scalability of Hybrid Cloud is the obvious answer for teams who need to keep their operations close to home.

By partnering with a managed Microsoft Azure provider, you can get a solution that’s customized to your organization’s needs. Powerful Public Cloud solution? You’ve got that in Azure. Secure Private Cloud? Colocation? Dedicated servers – and all of them ready to let you move data back and forth between them? That’s where your Microsoft CSP shines — count on them to architect, deploy, monitor, and maintain whatever Cloud solution best suits you — all the while keeping your systems compliant and your data secure.

If your business is considering a Cloud transition or expansion, but you’re facing concerns about how you’ll address security, data recovery or regulatory requirements, managed Azure services may be the answer you’re looking for. At PointClick, we are a Tier One Microsoft-certified Cloud Service Provider – get in touch with us today and discover how we can provide the solutions and support you’ve been looking for.

Managed Azure Services from PointClick Technologies

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