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For Digital Marketers

PointClick is experienced with
working with digital media, design
and marketing agencies

We recognize that your reputation relies on a hosting provider’s ability to provide high availability, security, and reliability that meets the needs of your clients. Making the right decision on a partner who will work closely with you is critical to your success.

Not all hosting providers are created equal — you need a company that specializes with Managed Digital Marketing Services that suit your agency’s needs. At PointClick, we understand what’s involved in a marketing campaign and what you’ll need in order to be prepared. We can sum up what weprovide in three simple words:
service , support , and commitment.


• We keep your data safe with maintenance, firewalls, and encryption

• We test to make sure your infrastructure is ready for an increase in traffic from a successful marketing campaign

•We customize our solutions so it’s just right for your marketing efforts


• We provide regular reports on your site’s users, most engaging portions, and other vital feedback

• We work directly with your marketing professionals with immediate responses for support

• We proactively monitor and maintain every aspect of your network and application


• As a dependable partner, we’ll provide you with key details that will help with your marketing efforts’ success

• We provide a full End-to-End Network Topology and Specifications document that maps your entire system, so you have a complete roadmap to recreate your campaign if your service is ever interruptedor disconnected

• We constantly monitor your network to ensure it’s optimally runningnow and in the future
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For Developers

We let you do what you do best — write code.

Our consultative approach allows us to work with developers on multiple interesting web projects for more than 10 years. We receive tons of reference work from digital marketing agencies thanks to our deep knowledge of today’s leading applications.. These agencies trust us with clients that want to get their SaaS app or web application to the Cloud because we understand code and can dive deeper into applications.


We give you the tools to easily deploy your code.

PointClick’s platform was built with developers in mind — writing and testing code, prototyping projects, launching alphas, betas, and more.

Test code by quickly deploying VMs. Not there yet? Shut down the VM until you’re ready to test again, and you only pay for what you use.


Advanced API Functionality


Seamless transition to production environments


platform benefits


More contol over your infrastructure


Template capture and deployment

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