3 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams is Gaining Momentum in The Online Meeting Platform Space

Remote work has notable benefits; however, many workers are still agitated daily by hard-to-use and clutter-filled collaboration apps. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams was specifically developed to make virtual collaboration convenient. Simplicity, organization, and constant innovation continue to be the foundation behind using Microsoft Teams over other options. According to Microsoft officials, Teams usage in early 2020 was 75 million daily active users, however as of April 2021, the daily active users has grown to 145 million daily active users.

Launched in November 2016, Microsoft Teams was initially introduced as part of the Office 365 productivity suite. It makes the typical functions of an organization smoother by uniting functions such as chat, voice, and file sharing in one place. Driven by the desire for a productive future that operates virtually, Microsoft Teams made this product available for local, remote, and scattered workgroups way before the pandemic.

While Microsoft Teams has long been an incredible tool, it is not short of competitors. At the pandemic’s onset, many platforms such as Zoom were heavily used for online meetings. However, it is now clear that Microsoft Teams is now gaining momentum in the online meeting platform space because of its myriad functions. In this article, we will discuss three reasons why this is happening.

Microsoft Teams Seamlessly Integrates with the Microsoft Suite

You would expect this to be one of the many strengths of Microsoft Teams. The platform allows you to create and manage other Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote designated channels. You can also easily calendar meetings and projects via Microsoft Teams with the help of Outlook.

This integration saves team members a ton of time and makes organizations much more effective. Microsoft Teams replaces the need to send files via email. Instead, you can simply share it with your channel or direct team member, and you can both collaborate and discuss points.

Microsoft Teams Increases the Flexibility and Convenience of Hosting and Attending Virtual Meetings

Mainly since the pandemic, meetings have been almost wholly forced online. In light of this, it’s essential to have an online meeting platform that makes this convenient and easy to maneuver.

Microsoft Teams allows users to meet with audio and video. It also makes screen sharing easy as it is integrated with Skype for business. Instead of having to fumble around to find a number to call or a pin code to enter to join a meeting, you simply need to be a part of a team to participate.

The Developers are Constantly Adding New Features on a Regular Basis

Microsoft Teams is synonymous with a living organism – it is constantly evolving. The developers continue to add more applications and features daily. The team at Microsoft is also frequently at work to improve the integration of the platform. This integration does not only include Office 365 applications. It also includes partner platforms such as Trello, InVision, SurveyMonkey and many more.

This constant development brings solutions to virtual collaboration daily. Microsoft Teams is clearly committed to helping organizations prosper.

Final Thoughts

These three reasons are among many behind the steady momentum of Microsoft Teams. CEOs and COOs worldwide are realizing the power of Microsoft Teams for their online meetings and team collaborations. This platform will take your workforce to the next level as they work together virtually. To learn more about Microsoft Teams, contact us.

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