DNN vs Ektron vs Sitecore: Which is Right for Your Business?

Countless companies around the world have discovered the benefits of using a CMS (content management system) platform for their businesses. And who could blame them? A good CMS platform will allow you to manage your own Web site content, while still saving money in the long run (even considering the expense of the CMS itself). You’ll be able to change the content of your site, as well as accompanying images, in a snap – thereby ensuring that your customers are seeing only the very latest products and services. Most CMS platforms provide you with the tools to set up your own site, even including attractive templates that you can customize as you see fit.

While the benefits of using a CMS are obvious, selecting the CMS that’s right for your business might not be. The list of possibilities seems endless. So, in an effort to narrow down the playing field, we’re devoting this post to comparing DNN vs Ektron vs Sitecore; three of the most popular high-powered CMS platforms for modern-day eCommerce businesses.


DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) provides users with a variety of features specifically designed for eCommerce, such as cloud-ready compatibility; customizable modules; a rich text editor; bulk e-mail capabilities; and data security features that would satisfy even the most stringent company policies. Yet DNN, with all its advantages, may not be right for all companies. Here then, is a list of what we see as both pros and cons of the DNN CMS platform.

DNN Pros

  • DNN is an open-source platform.
  • This CMS is feature-rich and lends itself to highly customized sites.
  • DNN is made for the Windows platform (an advantage assuming you use a Windows platform)
  • There are a variety of cost plans available, including some that are free or very low cost.

DNN Cons

  • Although the DNN modules lend themselves to users looking for highly customizable features, creation of the modules is more complicated than some other CMS platforms.
  • DNN was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio. Although this is an advantage in many ways, it can be just the opposite if your developers aren’t familiar with it.
  • Although DNN offers powerful capabilities for many eCommerce uses, the platform offers fewer choices in themes and plug-ins than some other CMS products.


Ektron, a CMS product written in .NET with a browser-based editor, has just as many critics as it does fans. Depending on which user you ask, Ektron is either a Godsend or a nightmare. Our view is somewhere in between those two extremes.

Ektron Pros

  • Ektron is widely known as an “out-of-the-box” CMS solution. What this CMS may lack in its customizing capabilities, some users believe it makes up for with its immediate “out-of-the-box” functionality.
  • Many users claim that Ektron is relatively easy to implement.
  • More recent iterations of the product are more geared toward marketing purposes.
  • Ektron offers its customers support for the lifetime of the product.

Ektron Cons

  • Compared with other CMS platforms, Ektron does not lend itself to customization.
  • Because of its hefty licensing fees, Ektron is usually better suited for larger companies that can more easily afford the expense.
  • Many Ektron customers have complained that the user interface is not as straightforward or functional as other CMS products.


SiteCore CMS is marketed as a scalable, easy-to-use platform with flexible licensing cost plans. SiteCore features include mobile apps, SEO capability, development tools and a personalization editor. As is the case with virtually any CMS platform, SiteCore may or may not be the right choice for your company, depending on your specific needs.

SiteCore Pros

  • SiteCore allows users to build a Web site from scratch and customize layouts, templates and more.
  • SiteCore content can be delivered to customers on many different types of mobile devices.
  • SiteCore’s open architecture includes rich development tools.

SiteCore Cons

  • If your developers do not have .NET experience, you’ll most likely have to hire outside contractors to use SiteCore.
  • SiteCore can be relatively slow for administrators on the backend.
  • This CMS may be too pricey for smaller SMBs.

DNN vs Ektron vs Sitecore: Which CMS is Right for Your Business?

The honest answer is that there is no one size fits all. If choosing the right CMS platform for your company still seems like a daunting task, consider asking for professional help. Our trained CMS experts at PointClick can help you sort through the hype to find the content management system that best suits the unique needs of your business. Contact us today for assistance with choosing the right CMS for your needs. We will be happy to give you tailored answers.

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