How the Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap Can Help Your Business

Over the past few years, the professional staff of Microsoft have really ramped up their cloud development efforts. In fact, there are so many cloud and server developments currently underway that the company recently announced the availability of their Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap to help educate customers on cloud products and services that are currently available, and planned for the future. There’s no doubt about it–there are some fascinating developments taking place right now in cloud technology!

We believe the most exciting innovation is already available to our customers: the PointClick Microsoft Cloud Platform. You have probably already read some information about the product on our website, but you may not fully realize how this cutting-edge cloud technology can benefit your company in particular. Read on for an explanation of how the PointClick Microsoft Cloud Platform benefits some of our key customer groups.

Microsoft Cloud Platform for Marketing Teams

As fascinating as it is to see the various products and services discussed in the Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap, some of that information can be confusing for non-technical marketing teams. Whether you’re part of a marketing team that relies solely on an external hosting provider (such as PointClick), or a marketing team that works in tandem with an in-house IT staff, you and your team may not have the technical background to know exactly what technology would best suit your current and future needs. Most likely your greatest concern is how to effectively market your product or services to your customers, while leaving the technology in the hands of someone else. Whether it’s ensuring that your website is up and running 24/7, being able to target your digital audience with pinpoint accuracy, or reaching out to customers no matter what device they’re using, you can rely on PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud platform to get the job done. We utilize the very latest Microsoft technology, resulting in the highest level of performance possible, and handle all the technical details so you don’t have to!

Business Teams Separated by Function or Distance

One of the greatest challenges in modern business is to connect departments or teams within the same company that may be separated by function or geographical distance. Whether you’re trying to keep in touch with multiple groups located in different branch offices within a large enterprise; coordinating the efforts of several individual remote workers located in various geographical areas who are part of a smaller company; or connecting teams operating on multiple infrastructure types (where one team relies on in-house servers, another on IaaS hosting, and yet another on private cloud hosting, for example), PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud platform enables you to maximize the usefulness of your business applications across various functions and geographical boundaries. You’ll be able to continue to utilize your current network, while simultaneously transitioning to the cloud with a custom-built hybrid cloud solution designed specifically for your business. And, because you’ll pay only for those services that you actually use, you’ll save money in the process!

Companies Concerned About Compliance

When we talk about “compliance,” we’re not necessarily referring to highly regulated industries such as banking or the medical field. In fact, many organizations are concerned with keeping their data safe, regardless of whether or not they need to follow a set of regulatory guidelines. With PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud platform, you can depend on the greatest level of data security possible, as well as PointClick’s full compliance with government and industry regulations. What’s more, our platform will allow you to maintain control over your own security standards, while still enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Follow the Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap

If you haven’t yet, check out the Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap and see the incredible advances being made by Microsoft developers. For more information on PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud Platform, download our data sheet. We think you’ll agree: with PointClick and Microsoft, the cloud future is bright!

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