Cloud Computing for Marketing Teams

There is a new technology that is making rapid inroads in nearly all business industries: cloud computing. It is becoming more and more a part of our daily activities, and with good reason. What used to be an exotic technology only for the elite is today being used in businesses of all sizes. Is cloud computing for marketing worth considering for your business or organization? We look at how cloud computing for marketing people and departments helps you to connect with others, save time and lower costs while increasing exposure.

Technology Impact and Rapid Progression

When specialized computing machines were designed especially for military purposes in the World War II era, no one could foresee the revolution they would become for all areas of industry. When so much energy and effort was being poured into making two machines communicate back and forth with one another, few realized the impact of those experiments.

Each and every piece of new technology starts out as something special for a small field of interest, but many innovations then advance and become a part of the daily life for the majority of society. As we see this over and over again, we learn to appreciate the fact that the truly useful technologies will inevitably make their impact across the largest of scopes.

When we think about the business world especially, we should remember this fact. Savvy business people have the insight to see how new technologies can help them in their particular field. This applies especially to marketing.

Cloud Computing for Marketing

The technological infrastructure in place today makes the setup of new systems and projects unbelievably easy. Everything is already connected, so there is no need to create anything new from scratch if you do not want to. In fact, if you try to build from scratch, it is very unlikely that your result will be an improvement on what already exists.

Connect with People

One thing that this interconnectedness means for marketing is that networking has never been easier. Marketers want to connect with people, and with the cloud it is easier than ever before to reach millions of people instantly. They are already there and connected. All you have to do is join.

Save Time and Make Use of Available Resources

Not only are people cloud connected, so too are resources. Whatever type of marketing material you want to create, you can most likely find forms and templates that fit what you are looking for.

Rather than creating your own, you can adapt and customize what already exists, and then you can share your customizations with the rest of the team or reuse them over and over again for other material. Startup time, energy, and costs are all greatly reduced by taking advantage of the cloud.

Access the Cloud from Anywhere

One of the definitive traits of the cloud is its pervasiveness, which is why it’s called “the cloud.” From anywhere within the spread of the cloud, you can connect with all of its resources. There really is little now in terms of defined points of access – it’s everywhere.

This provides benefits both on the designer’s side as well as on the user’s end. Anywhere you go, you can have access to the files and products you have been working on. You never grow disconnected from them. Likewise, when it comes time to broadcast your material to its designated recipients, you don’t have much of anything to do in terms of gathering an audience. Right where they are, they are already accessible for receiving the message. Whether it be through email or a text message broadcast, millions and millions of people can be reached instantly.

Even when broadcasting forms are used, which require the audience to take a proactive move like visiting a website or clicking on a link, this is already the easiest and most common of tasks for the average person to do. Accessing cloud content is done with ease by even the youngest members of society today.

Cloud Computing for Marketing Efficiency

The ability to move from idea conception to practical implementation as quickly as possible is an invaluable benefit for marketing purposes. Any delays in that process can cost money. Cloud computing for marketing staff and teams offers unparalleled advantages in the efficiency of this process.

To begin with, during the process of development, you can almost be assured that there will be a need for collaboration amongst a number of team members, and they will likely be in different locations on top of that. The cloud allows them to work together in a streamlined process like never before. As they work on material together, each member can see the changes and updates made by the others the moment they are made. Comments, revisions, and recommendations can be shared and responded to in mere minutes rather than hours or days.

Marketing Distribution Made Easy

Then, when distribution time comes, the moment you are ready with your product is the moment it can be distributed to the intended audience. There is no need to wait for a particular day, time, or event to arrive.

Lower Costs, Greater Results

Cost is obviously one of the key factors of any marketing campaign, and cloud technology stands out once again at this point. In fact, there are many valuable production tools and broadcasting outlets for your message that are absolutely free. When the time comes for a higher level of commitment that does call for some measure of resource investment, the flexibility of cloud technology plans and packages makes it possible for almost everyone to save on costs, provided they know how to choose the appropriate package for their needs. If help is needed in making that evaluation, there are highly experienced consultants ready to help.

PointClick Provides Cloud Computing for Marketing Teams

PointClick Technologies provides enterprise-level cloud, hosting and IT infrastructure solutions and managed services, including a comprehensive security suite, disaster recovery and managed storage and backup solutions.

A one-size approach may not necessarily work for your company. Opt for customization. PointClick takes a consultative approach to your business by matching business requirements with the appropriate technical solutions, and providing personalized customer support. It helps businesses make the transition to the cloud, takes pride in proactively monitoring your system, and being in front of any problems that you may experience.

With all of these advantages available through cloud technology, marketers have the decision in their hands. They can stick to the methods that they are used to, slowly watching these become more outdated and obsolete – not to mention less effective and profitable – or they can be on the front side of the progress curve and enjoy all the benefits cloud technology has to offer. Remember, it is just a matter of time before this technology pervades your field as well. In fact, it is already halfway there even today. Get an edge. Join the cloud movement, and use the cloud as a catalyst for your growing business.

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