Cloud Computing and Marketing: 6 Ways the Cloud Can Help Your Marketing Department

Year on year, cloud computing and marketing become increasingly integrated. We look at the history between these seemingly different topics and examine the benefits that cloud computing provides to marketing departments.

Marketing and IT Departments

Over the last decade, marketing and IT departments have had to work closely together to deploy the technologies needed to help identify and build a company’s brand.

For both departments, however, this relationship sometimes be time consuming. While it is important that marketing and IT departments work together to better integrate insights from data, technology, and strategy across all business units, it is important for marketing departments to be able to successfully implement strategies on their own.

Chief Marketing Officers want their Department to Control Data

It comes as no surprise then that, according to a 2013 survey by the management consulting firm Accenture, 45 percent of CMOs want their marketing employees to control data and content without any intervention.

Fortunately, as more companies move into the cloud, the ability for marketers to define, create, and manage their content is easier than ever before.

Top 6 Ways Cloud Computing Can Help Your Marketing Department

Low cost

Cost-efficiency is the name of the game with cloud computing. With the cloud, companies no longer need to set up and pay for expensive infrastructure, or spend money on costly hardware or licensing fees.

Democratizing effect

As a result of the reduced capital costs outlined in the previous point, small marketing departments are finally on a relatively equal playing field when compared to large corporations. With the cloud, both small and large marketing departments have the ability to reach a large audience, engage with a wide range of prospects, and grow marketing resources at the same pace as your business.

Improved time management and processes

The ability to control content and deploy strategies without depending on any other department has the benefit of improving processes, including the ability to stay focused on meeting strategic goals and implementing plans more quickly. This has the added benefit of reducing the time required to train new staff, especially since there is a minimal learning curve with cloud-based technology.

Improved Accessibility

The cloud allows marketers to access their files with ease, improving collaboration and communication both within the team and with clients. Additionally, marketers no longer have to worry about losing data in the event of a hard-drive crash or natural disaster.

Improved Analytics

Marketers have a vast array of actionable, real-time data at their disposal. The cloud makes it easier to track leads, test new channels, and determine which elements of the marketing strategy worked well (or didn’t). It is also easier to keep track of prospects and customers through widely available and extremely affordable Customer Relationship Management applications.


With improved accessibility, processes, and analytics, marketers can spend more time focusing in on understanding customer needs. By honing in on target audiences and better understanding their pain points, marketers can spend more time creating innovative campaigns to connect with customers.

PointClick Technologies Provides Cloud Computing Services for Marketing Departments

PointClick Technologies is a cloud computing provider that prides itself on fast thinking and immediate support, something that we know is a requirement for marketing departments. Contact us today to speak to an expert about about combining cloud computing and marketing in your organization.

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