Microsoft Cloud OS Advantages

What are the Microsoft Cloud OS Advantages for Businesses?

In our ever-changing world – where technology evolves so fast that even professional IT staff struggles to keep up to speed – some things actually don’t change at all. Take, for example, the expertise, reliability and breadth of experience provided to customers by Microsoft. Long known as the powerhouse of the computer age, Microsoft continues to play a leading role in cloud technology. Its latest accomplishment in that arena is the Cloud OS, an operating system specifically designed for the cloud environment.

The easiest way to understand the Cloud OS is to think of it in terms of any other operating system. Like so many others, this operating system manages hardware and apps. The difference is that the Cloud OS performs those management functions within the cloud environment, at a scale that was virtually inconceivable just a few short years ago. And this system provides a means for organizations to utilize multiple cloud types simultaneously in one unified cloud environment. So Cloud OS would be ideal, for example, for a company interested in using a hybrid cloud and a public cloud, yet still retain some data in-house.

The Cloud OS offers businesses the opportunity to more effectively manage all aspects of their IT infrastructure, including networking, computing and storage. But with a closer look at all the advantages of this powerful operating system, you can truly understand how the Cloud OS can become a significant benefit to your business.

Integrating Microsoft Cloud OS into Your Current System

“Adaptability” may be a familiar term when it comes to cloud computing, but the Cloud OS is one product that truly lives up to the claim. In fact, the Cloud OS has the capability to seamlessly integrate cloud services into your current IT infrastructure.

The thought of migrating to the cloud – either partially or entirely – can understandably send shivers down the spines of most upper management personnel. How will the transition impact your workflow? What changes will need to be made as your company grows in the future? What about the investment you’ve already made in XYZ computer products?

One of our favorite Cloud OS advantages allows you to integrate cloud services into your current system, which often actually optimizes the capabilities of other IT investments you might have already made. Not only will you reap the benefits of new capabilities brought about by the Cloud OS, you’ll also enjoy more flexibility in regard to cloud environments than you might have imagined possible. Your workflow will remain virtually uninterrupted during the transition, and you’ll actually reduce costs and set up your infrastructure for future company growth at the same time.

Securing Your Data

From the very early stages of cloud development, one of the major concerns of many companies revolved around the security of their data. The burning question on the minds of company management then and now remains the same: How can I make sure that my data is safe in the cloud?

The Cloud OS makes it even easier to maintain control over your data by giving you and your staff the ability to manage all your applications in a single unified console no matter where those apps reside – public cloud, private cloud or on-premise servers. The Cloud OS will also allow you to more easily customize data management policies required to keep your information safe and meet whatever compliance requirements your organization is subject to.  Not only that, you’ll also have the capability to extend data and apps from your on-premise platform to the cloud environment, thereby optimizing the scalability of your network.

Change Your System as Your Business Changes

The only thing certain in business is constant change. Whether your company experiences unprecedented growth or you find yourself having to scale back a bit from where you were last year, the Cloud OS easily changes to meet the current demands of your business. Looking to improve your application performance? The Cloud OS gives you every opportunity to leverage modern cloud environments to do just that. Interested in added safety measures for additional security as your business evolves? The Cloud OS offers users superior back-up, redundancy and recovery capabilities.

The Simplest of Cloud OS Advantages: Easy to Deploy and Reduces Costs

A more powerful, safer, flexible network that’s easy to deploy and actually costs less – that’s what the Cloud OS offers your business. You’ll be able to quickly add more users or new applications in a matter of minutes. Plus, you’ll pay only for those services that you actually use. Best of all, you can leave the management of your network up to us.

Isn’t it time you found out for yourself how your business can benefit from the many Cloud OS Advantages? Contact us today for more information about PointClick’s Cloud OS powered by Microsoft.

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