Why the Little Things Matter in Enterprise Managed Hosting

There was a time, not too long ago, when small, brick-and-mortar companies provided their customers with personalized services. This was also a time when doctors made house calls, when people bought groceries from the mom-and-pop store on the corner, and when an insurance agent knew exactly what kind of coverage you needed because he knew you and your family. That was a time when the “little things” made all the difference in the world. You may think those days are gone and that it’s impossible to find that kind of personalized service in the digital age. You may also believe that an enterprise managed hosting provider simply can’t live up to the service of the good old days. But we beg to differ.

Little Things Matter in Managed Hosting

It’s the Little Things That Count

At PointClick, we provide customer service that goes above and beyond what you’ll find with any other enterprise managed hosting company – we provide one-on-one, personalized service that we like to call the “little things:”

  • Your success is our success. That’s why helping you achieve your goals is our top priority. We understand that what might be important to one company, may vary greatly from one industry to the next, so we make sure that we create a computer network that is uniquely suited to your business needs.
  • We’re in this together. Our customers are so much more than clients to us. At PointClick, we view our customers as business partners because that’s exactly what they are. We actually take the time to get to know your business right from the beginning of our relationship, so we’ll know exactly what your business needs to succeed.
  • It’s not all about the money. That may be hard to believe, but it’s true. We have a reputation for offering assistance to companies that aren’t even our own clients, and we’re proud of that.
  • We want a long-term relationship. Chances are, you’ve tried doing business with more than one enterprise managed hosting company. It’s typical for hosting providers to have a high turnover rate with their customers. We strive to do just the opposite. That’s one of the reasons why we invest the time to get to know your business right upfront – we’re in this together with you for the long term.
  • You’re in charge. Whatever services you need from us – whenever you need them – we’ll be there. We’re flexible enough to adjust our schedule to yours because, after all, you’re in charge.

PointClick Provides the Givens

While we believe it’s the “little things” that make us stand apart from our competition, we also understand the importance of providing standard services to our clients – services that we consider “givens:”

  • An easy-to-navigate, appealing website that functions quickly and reliably, 24/7
  • A computer network that utilizes exactly the type of technology that works best for you and your employees, so your company can run as efficiently as possible
  • The highest level of data security available, and a disaster plan that ensures your business will be up and running under even the worst-case scenario
  • A reliable staff of professionals that you can call on day or night, providing you with the best customer service available from any hosting company

Does Your Enterprise Managed Hosting Provider Make the Cut?

Now it’s time for you to assess your own situation with your enterprise managed hosting provider. Are you missing one or more of the “little things”? Worse yet, are you missing out on any of the services on our list of “givens”? Then it’s time to contact PointClick. Click here for a copy of our data sheet and to learn more about PointClick. Call us today. Introduce us to you and your business, and let’s get to know each other. You’ll be amazed at how the “little things” aren’t really so little after all.

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