How Complete Hosting Solutions Help

If you use a .NET CMS platform to power your enterprise, and you rely primarily on Microsoft for your development needs, it is wise to find and secure a complete hosting solutions provider. A complete hosting solutions provider will offer a full range of development and hosting services, including custom Web development and Web applications, integrated systems, Web design and strategy.

A complete hosting solutions provider will not only benefit the commercial aspects of your business, but also free up your internal technical staff with a dedicated, continuous professional support team. This can help you cut costs by eliminating the need for IT staff, or allow your IT staff to focus on other issues, enhancing your complete enterprise IT portfolio. It’s difficult to fit all of the benefits of a complete hosting solutions provider in one blog post. That’s why we’ve narrowed down just 8 of the many business and technical advantages of choosing comprehensive development and hosting support.

8 Advantages of a Complete Hosting Solutions Provider

1. Business Efficiency

Save valuable time for your business when you switch to a development and hosting provider, as the whole process of installing, configuring, testing and maintaining your online platforms is continuously covered by your provider. The administrative tasks of managing a .NET CMS system, which can be daunting at times, will be well taken care of by dedicated specialists.

2. Custom Web Development

Experienced CMS Web developers can deliver a site or application that is a best-fit for your business and budget, and ensure that it’s “future-proofed” for long-term scalability and growth. This kind of comprehensive custom development, design and strategy is simply not possible with multiple providers working piecemeal on your domains. A complete hosting solutions provider can help you reach your target market and personalize the digital customer experience with forward-thinking technology.

3. Optimal Updates

Not all critical CMS and Web application updates are automatic–some require manual deployment and management. Without a watchful team handling your updates, outdated settings or malfunctions can significantly diminish performance and negatively impact customer experience. A complete hosting solutions provider will access your settings and monitor your solutions to avoid any potential difficulties or downtime. You can rest assured that the latest version of your CMS with the most enhanced features will always be running.

4. Enhanced Performance

A complete hosting solutions provider will go beyond solid code and custom application-specific requirements to look out for your long-term performance, security and scalability needs. As both your Web developer and hosting provider, they’ll handle all network and infrastructure requirements without passing the buck to another vendor. Building your site or application for best performance on the Web takes a deep know-how of the inter-dependancy between the application and the network. If your site performance is slow and your system is consuming too many resources, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to look at both your application and network configuration settings. When you are trying to troubleshoot, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. But dedicated performance specialists know just where to look.

5. Cost Savings

Keeping all your hardware, servers and IT staff in-house is more costly in the long run than working with a single experienced CMS development and hosting provider. This is because it is the complete hosting solutions provider’s business to maintain everything from application through network at peak performance, and let you focus on your business. If you still retain internal IT staff, they will be freed up to tackle proprietary projects that bring more value to your business, or increase employee understanding and buy-in of your hosted solutions.

6. High-Tech Support

A complete hosting solutions provider will offer experienced and responsive 24/7 IT support. The dedicated personnel will work with you from the beginning, so they know your company, its IT infrastructure and software environment. It’s important that you are able to call a single contact whenever a technical issue arises, and that you don’t need to explain your entire system each time. High tech support means that you can call even when you aren’t experiencing a technical issue; when you anticipate a spike in traffic, or want to learn more about optimizing your CMS solutions, you can get the answers you need with a single phone call.

7. Managed Hosting

Your complete hosting solutions provider owns and is responsible for the entire IT infrastructure, including the data center, servers, load balancers, firewalls, virtualization and more. They remain focused on providing a stable environment for your enterprise applications, and supporting your performance objectives, so you can focus on your customers and mission.

8. Data Security

Intrusion detection, data and messaging encryption, and protection from a data center breach all require the intensive management of a complete hosting solutions provider. Look for a highly redundant Network Operations Center with geo-redundant High Availability (HA) environments to deliver the enterprise-level security you need. Using vulnerability assessments, your development and hosting provider will periodically analyze, define, identify and classify eventual security breeches at multiple levels, and come up with a proactive plan to prevent any unauthorized access to business data. This extends to automated backups and disaster recovery solutions in the event of any data loss.

Meet Your Complete Hosting Solutions Provider

PointClick is a complete hosting solutions provider. To us, that means managing everything from application to infrastructure to business continuity. We put the best interests of your enterprise first, and work with you to develop best-fit IT solutions with long-term performance and scalability. Contact us today and find out how we can become your trusted business ally and a single point of contact for all your IT needs.

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