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VPS Hosting

High-performance managed virtual private servers

Enjoy some of the features and performance of dedicated servers in a versatile way. With a virtual server, you can scale up or down as needed at any time, with an added bonus of enhanced resiliency against downtime.

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Flexibility to migrate as you choose

You do not need to move all of your applications to the cloud at once.

You can start with new elements in the cloud while keeping existing elements on your current physical databases.

Other benefits include:

  • Customization — specify which elements you want to virtualize. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Compliance — our flexible cloud solutions are created with compliance in mind. In fact, we’re the first managed hosting provider to guarantee 100% compliance.
  • Cost-Effectiveness — by relying on a shared community cloud platform, you shoulder only part of the cost and gain all the benefits that instant scaling provides.
  • Compatibility — our cloud solutions are suitable for a wide range of web hosting and enterprise applications.
  • Peace of Mind — access your virtual compute resources in a fully managed model. No administration. No management. Just performance.

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Application Hosting

We know our Enterprise CMS Applications

PointClick’s application hosting platform is the product of years of experience in hosting ASP.Net, PHP and MySQL based sites. We crafted this service to meet today’s high demand for maximum performance and reliability using top-notch technologies.
Our process begins with our knowledge of CMS applications. We’ve worked with DNN Evoq, Episerver, Sitefinity and other CMS applications for more than 10 years and developed a deep knowledge of these applications to go deep.

What does this mean for you?
It means that not only do we enjoy working with developers and speaking your language, it also means that we can troubleshoot problems when they occur and we’re confident of this. We’ll quickly help you identify application issues and isolate them from server or hardware issues. That lets you stay focused on what you do best: write code.


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