5 Benefits of the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud

Content is king. Everyone’s been saying that for a long time, but creating and managing streams of content has been difficult and expensive. The pains of maintaining a consistent format in uploaded content, controlling versions during the development process, and distributing final versions to stakeholders for approvals are well known to even small businesses. And the content itself isn’t the only hurdle to publishing regular content; the hardware and software necessary to deliver all those words and pictures has to be budgeted, procured, managed, and upgraded on a constant basis. Content is king? Most business would say content is a tyrant.

But now there’s a way to overthrow the tyrant. You can deliver fresh content through a single interface that lets you create, manage, and optimize a digital experience for your end users. The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud platform gives you advanced content management features, like digital marketing, web content management, and digital commerce, and frees you from the burden of managing your own servers, network, and security. With the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud Platform, you get:

  • Cloud capability
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Global reach
  • Service

1. Cut CAPEX and Captivate Customers with the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud Platform

The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud platform can streamline your workforce because you won’t need an expensive data center and all the staff that goes with it, such as:

  • Back end developers to set up your servers
  • Database administrators to handle the databases that drive all your content delivery
  • Network administrators to keep your site’s front and back ends running
  • Security staff to protect you and your end users

Since you don’t have to buy or manage hardware and all the supporting racks, cables, HVAC, power backup, and other associated expenses, you can avoid capital expenses (CAPEX). This saves you from having to pay a lot of money upfront and amortize the deduction over a period of years. It also allows you to be more agile; you can set up and scale your Content Management System (CMS) with a phone call instead of a build-out.

That’s good for you, but your customers don’t care about your business model. They care about getting served the content they want as quickly as possible. The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud platform helps with that, too.

The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud is located all over the world. It’s not one big server sending content to the four corners of the earth; it’s a distributed network with servers located close to users, no matter where they are. This means your content is close to your customers, so they get access to it faster.

2. Flexible Functions at Your Fingertips

Your business is not carved in stone; it changes as you shift strategies, pursue new markets, and expand services. The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud platform makes it easy for your content management system to evolve along with you.

The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud connects to the systems that drive your business, such as:

  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM
  • Analytics

And for even more customization, the EPiServer Add-on Store has an extensive selection of verified third-party connectors and extensions. You can use these to access innovative new functions and tools without any additional development—just install them right from your EPiServer dashboard.

Some of the extensions in the EPiServer Add-on Store include:

EPiServer Connect for Silverpop

EPiServer Connect for Silverpop provides centralized content and email management.

  • Create content once and deliver it across channels and systems
  • Drag and drop content and products to create landing pages, mobile campaigns and dynamic emails
  • Send approved email templates directly to your targeted database through the Silverpop connector without switching between systems

EPiServer Mail

EPiServer Mail is designed to drive traffic back to your site so you can generate leads and increase conversions.

  • Increase your e-mail open and click-through rates with personalized content
  • Use progressive profiling and lead scoring to serve relevant content to each customer
  • Integrate e-mail marketing with your CRM

EPiServer Live Monitor

EPiServer Live Monitor provides reliable real-time information about what is happening in your online channels.

  • See how visitors are interacting with your sites–web, tablet or mobile–in real-time
  • Visualize your online traffic
  • Relate real-time visitor behavior to that individual’s historical behavior

Google Analytics

This solution allows marketers and content editors to access the right data at the right time, adding insight and context to their content creation process.

  • Examine data in the most relevant context
  • Track effect of social campaigns on conversions and revenue directly
  • See conversions generated from personalization efforts on the site

EPiServer Find

EPiServer Find eliminates the need to manually create landing pages, campaign listings, and content shortcuts. EPiServer Find guides visitors from Google to conversion and delivers insight into how visitors convert.

  • Drive more traffic with automatic landing pages
  • Present selected, relevant content based on tagging
  • Show pages with high click-throughs more often

Apptus Behavioral Merchandising for EPiServer Commerce

Apptus Behavioral Merchandising for EPiServer Commerce brings state of the art search and recommendations to stores powered by EPiServer Commerce.

  • Increase conversion rates by up to 50%
  • Smart, error-tolerant searching to minimize search abandonment
  • Faceted search & navigation

These are just some of the extensions that you can add to your EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud to meet the unique needs of your business. Product Information Management (PIM), asset management, payment services, and more are also available to customize your site.

3. Reach Customers from Kalamazoo to Kirgizstan

You already know that the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud delivers content to customers quickly from anywhere in the world. But EPiServer does more than whisk your images and text into customers’ browsers, it does so in their language and with their currency. Use your EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud dashboard to add:

  • DataCash to process payments in 170 different currencies
  • Semantix or Translations.com to control the translation process and leverage workflow localization
  • ActiveStandards to ensure regulatory compliance

4. Reliability You Don’t Have to Think About

The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud runs on networks that are robust and responsive. Your SLA is at the application level. This means that unforeseen spikes in traffic are never a problem because page availability is guaranteed in your Service Level Agreement (SLA).

  • Expert global support proactively monitors service performance and solves issues before they become problems
  • Deployment is managed because development, testing, and authoring can happen in the cloud
  • You are notified in advance of changes to the deliver platform so changes in traffic are not a surprise
  • Detailed online reports show you website and transaction performance at the web page level

5. Service

The EPiServer Digital Experience Platform is monitored at all times, from the server level to the web delivery level. Performance issues are spotted and fixed before they become problems.

Your SLA covers:

  • Web application, database and storage management
  • 24x7x365 global proactive site monitoring and maintenance, operations, and support
  • Integrated security services and disaster recovery services

You’ll appreciate the service features of the EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud, and so will your customers.

  • Customers can control their own experiences by personalizing their services
  • You can understand changes in purchasing behavior and focus on the entire customer lifecycle

The EPiServer Digital Cloud Experience Feels Like it was Designed Just for You

With the EPiServer Digital Cloud Experience, your content will always reach your customers quickly. You control their experience by including add-ons to customize your site, and you can capture deep insights into customer behavior.

  • Keep your content close to your customers with the EPiServer Digital Cloud platform’s optimized Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Leverage best-of-breed services from a selection of vendors in one easy package
  • Protect your business with application SLAs and around-the-clock support

Ready to escape the tyranny of hard-to-manage content? Contact us today and discover how PointClick can help you.

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