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Microsoft PowerApps Community Plan for Developers Provides New Opportunities

Agile development. Agile customer service. Agile delivery. What does the word agile really mean in each of these phrases? Fast. Nimble. Flexible. Every possible connotation …

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Your Website’s Privacy Policy Notice and GDPR Compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces requirements for businesses to follow when handling consumer data. These requirements provide competent data protection for individuals …

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2018 Google I/O: Conference Recap

Google held its annual I/O Conference, which took place May 8 through 10, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. There were a lot …

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Run Linux on Windows with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

A strong segment of the user community considers Linux the only operating system worth having. They’re the ones who want full control of the OS, …

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Microsoft Teams

Do’s and Don’ts: Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Teams

Are you getting the most out of your Office 365 subscription? It could be that you are not taking advantage of the Microsoft Teams app, …

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What You Need to Know: Microsoft Launches Azure Sphere, Its First Linux-based OS for IoT.

Within 10 years, it’s possible that almost every gadget and household appliance you use will connect to the Internet. The companies producing these smart devices can …

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Think Office 365 Is Just For Email? Use These 5 Apps To Get The Most Out of Your Subscription

Office 365 is so much more than email, but for many companies, email is one of the few apps used in the available suite. That …

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Microsoft Teams vs Slack: How to Get Stuff Done at Work

Email alone is no longer keeping up with the demands of the modern workplace. Collaborations are getting more and more complex, and people need the …

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TLS 1.3 has reached approved status to help improve Internet Safety

Secure Web access depends on the TLS protocol, better known to many by its older name of SSL. Its name stands for Transport Layer Security. …

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What Do Digital Marketers Need to Know About the Data-Privacy Issues on Facebook?

  On March 16, 2018, both The New York Times and The Guardian published articles exposing how the 2016 election consultants used the data-mining firm …

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