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Flexible Web Hosting & Domain Registration Services

We know that your website is critical to your business. It communicates the quality of the products and services you offer; and the people in your organization who stand behind everything you do.

Uptime and availability is something you need to have but something you shouldn’t be worrying about. After all, you are not in the business of hosting.

So leave the hosting part to us and focus on running your business.

We’ll fit you with the perfect web hosting solution that meets your needs and gives you the flexibility and affordability you require.

Ask us about our cost effective flexible Cloud, Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting and Domain Registration Solutions today!

Easy to Use

All PointClick Cloud Hosting plans come with an easy to use Control Panel, an automated point-and-click website administration tool.

On-Demand Scalability

Consume resources as you need them. This allows you to seamlessly react to unexpected traffics or prepare for seasonal spikes.

Fully Managed

We take care of the file migration, virtual machine setup and configuration for you, and your services are ready to go in minutes.

Compliance & Security

Managed servers are ideal for applications that require extra security. Connect security sensitive applications to traffic intensive resources.

Reliably Stable

Automatic failover measures are configured at each layer to ensure your website and applications are accessible at all times.

Unconditional Support

Unconditional support is available for all customers and includes access to online documentation, community forums, and billing support.

Ready To Deploy On A Trusted Environment?

We’ve built the perfect home for your sites and applications with performance optimizations, failover and redundancy, support for your applications, and a 24×7 team to make sure you’re taken care of.

Because every little thing matters in managed hosting.