Web Application Firewalls, DDoS, CDN Services

Website downtime can cost you thousands of dollars an hour in lost revenue and brand damage. Web attacks like SQL injection and XSS can be even more devastating, resulting in massive data breaches, customer turnover, notification costs, lawsuits, and fines.

Are your web applications secure? Unless you have sophisticated application-level firewalls in place, the answer is no. The reality is traditional firewalls don’t monitor application data, essentially leaving out the welcome mat for hackers. That’s why web application firewalls are now required to meet PCI DSS regulatory compliance standards.

Bottom line: If you accept credit card data, you need web application firewalls and other protections to remain compliant and secure.

eCommerce Security, Acceleration and Compliance in One Solution

Comprehensive Web Application Firewall, DDos Protection and CDN services in one easy solution. PCI-certified web application firewall and advanced bot protection capabilities secure any website against known and emerging threats.

Defend against all would-be attackers while simplifying your IT systems:

Cost Savings

By bundling crucial security and performance features into one easy solution, you’ll reduce monthly vendor costs and save funds for other business-critical needs.

No Additional Hardware or Software

Once activated through a simple DNS change, a global CDN routes all traffic to your website and web applications.

Dynamic Attack Learning

Your security improves over time. Using advanced machine learning across millions of data points, Incapsula dynamically learns suspicious attributes to anticipate attacks.

PCI Compliance

Incapsula is a PCI-certified cloud-based application delivery service that helps you quickly meet compliance.

Effortless Deployment

Simply change your website’s DNS setting, and jumpstart your web application security projects without making major network changes.

High-Powered Global CDN & Optimizer

A worldwide distributed network boosts your website performance through advanced caching and optimization techniques. On average, websites using Incapsula are 50% faster and consume 60% less bandwidth.Meanwhile, outgoing traffic is both accelerated and optimized by Incapsula’s caching and optimization techniques, ensuring optimal pass-through speed for welcome visitors. Realize faster web page load times, reduced bandwidth consumption, and lower server workloads without compromising the functionality of your website.

DDoS Protection Without Interruptions

Unlike other DDoS mitigation solutions, which create negative web viewing experiences when activated (e.g. CAPTHCAs, or delay screens), Incapsula makes use of progressive client interrogation solutions which block DDoS attacks transparently, preventing user interruption. Protect your website against all types of DDoS attacks—including network, application, and DNS targeted attacks—with zero business disruption. Leveraging a high-capacity global network ensures enterprise-grade uptime SLA even when under attack.

Load Balancing & Failover From The Cloud

Load balancing allows web applications to scale beyond the capacity of a single web server without requiring a dedicated on-premise appliance. Incapsula provides OSI layer 7 load balancing and failover, data center failover (DR), and global server load balancing (GSLB) directly from the cloud, with advanced, real-time health monitoring and notifications.

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