SSL Certificates

Protect Your Customers With an SSL 3.0 Certificate

When your visitors come to your site, the last thing you want to have them think is “is this site really secure?”

Any doubt or fear that their personal information may be compromised on your site will quickly lead to a loss of confidence and ultimately bouncing from your site before any sort of conversion or sale is made.

For any business with an online client area, e-commerce store, web hosting provider or any website with an ordering system or client area portal – it is critical to have an SSL certificate in areas where sensitive information may be transmitted.

Secure SSL - SSL Certificates

So what can you do?

SSL certificates are used to verify the authenticity of a secure connection between your site visitor and your website. When your visitors are connected to your website over an SSL connection, the entire connection is encrypted – and any data to and from the website is encrypted. This means any criminal that is trying to see what data is being transmitted will not be able to make sense of the encrypted data, as it is not decrypted until it reaches the other end.

SSL certificates are necessary because it provides confidence and security to you and to your end users that the secure connection is definitely with the website they are visiting and the data being transmitted back and forth hasn’t been tampered with.

With an SSL certificate provided by PointClick, your customers will be rest assured that when it comes to entering in their debit or credit card information to complete a transaction, or to log in to an area requiring personal information, their details are safe and the connection with your site is fully secure. If anyone gets a hold of the data that is being transmitted before it reaches the other end, it will be encrypted with strong encryption. It would take a trillion years to try to break the encryption using current computing speeds.

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