Introducing PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite Proves that All Clouds ARE NOT Created Equal

By now, you have probably heard all about the cloud and how businesses can benefit from cloud computing. You’ve no doubt heard all the buzz words as well – performance, scalable, flexible, secure, etc. The jargon is so consistent that you may be left believing that one cloud solution is pretty much like any other. That’s where you’re wrong, and PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite demonstrates why that’s true.

What Makes PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite Different than the Rest

Our Hybrid Cloud Offers the Best of Both Worlds:

Unlike a lot of other vendors, many of whom ask you to choose between a public or a private cloud, we’re recommending that you choose the best of both worlds – a hybrid cloud solution. Different businesses have different needs. We understand that it’s vital to design a customized cloud roadmap for your company – one that addresses performance issues as well as security and compliance requirements. Choosing either a public or private cloud limits your options, but a custom-built hybrid cloud solution like the Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite allows us to address all of your company’s specific needs.

Integrated Platform:

Chances are, you won’t be moving your entire company to the cloud overnight. PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite allows you to make the transition to cloud computing over whatever period of time makes most sense for your business. At the same time, PointClick and Microsoft experts provide you with the in-depth knowledge to make the transition totally seamless while supporting your existing on-premise network at the same time.

Stop Paying for Services You Don’t Use:

While it’s true that cloud computing is typically cheaper than purchasing your own hardware and maintaining your own on-premise servers, paying for services you don’t use is far from cost-effective. With PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite, you’ll pay only for those services you need and only when you need them. That makes this cloud alternative truly a cost saver.

The Power of Microsoft Combined with the Personal Service of PointClick:

The name “Microsoft” has become synonymous in the technology world with innovation, reliability and performance. Within the community of our customers and business partners, the name “PointClick” has become synonymous with the personalized service and one-on-one relationship we provide for all of our clients. Just as a hybrid cloud provides the best of both worlds, so does the combination of these two exceptional companies and the revolutionary cloud solution we’re proud to offer: PointClick’s Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite.