Managed Digital Marketing Services

Hosting for Digital Marketers: Your Extended IT Team

When it comes to marketing, not all hosting providers are created equal. If you’re a marketer – whether an SMB owner doing your own marketing; a marketing manager in a large company; or a marketing professional working for an agency – you’ll need a company that specializes in Managed Digital Marketing Services that suits your business needs. At PointClick, we understand what’s involved in a marketing campaign and what you’ll need in order to be prepared. We can sum up what we provide in three simple words: service, support, and commitment.


Customizable solutions designed just for you

We’ll take into consideration your performance, compliance, and security needs, then design a digital marketing package that’s just right for your marketing efforts.


Only testing can ensure that your infrastructure is ready for the increase in traffic that results from a successful marketing campaign. At PointClick, we perform application testing to be certain your network can handle heavy traffic. We’ll also do load and stress testing upfront to ensure that your network will perform under any conditions.

Keeping your data safe

We take extra measures to protect your and your customers’ data by performing server anti-virus maintenance; firewall maintenance, data encryption, maintaining and managing a secure FTP server; implementing and managing an emergency operation mode web application firewall; and performing CDN management and maintenance.


A provider that does it all

At PointClick, we proactively monitor and maintain every aspect of your infrastructure, including both network and application issues.

Immediate response

We take support seriously, which means we’ll work directly with your marketing professionals – no more submitting a service ticket and waiting an extended period of time for an automated response.

Important information you’ll need to know

As a marketer, you know the importance of feedback. That’s why we provide regular reports on who is using your site, which portions of your site are most engaging to your audience, and other feedback that’s vital in measuring how effectively your campaign is reaching your target audience.


A dependable partner

You don’t need just a hosting company – you need a business partner that you can rely on. You can depend on PointClick to provide you with the details you need to know in order to make your marketing efforts successful. That doesn’t mean a flood of unintelligible technical jargon; just the opposite. We’ll make sure your network runs smoothly so you can focus on what really counts – marketing.

A hosting company that addresses issues BEFORE they become problems

We don’t just answer your calls for help when there’s an issue to be resolved (although we certainly do that too); we constantly monitor your network to make sure that it’s running optimally now AND in the future.


We provide a full End-to-End Network Topology and Specifications document that maps your entire system. That means you’ll have a complete roadmap to recreate your campaign if your service is ever interrupted or discontinued. And you can take it to ANY hosting provider to get up and running, if you’re ever unhappy.

Learn how the right hosting partner can give your digital marketing campaign a competitive advantage.

At PointClick we understand what it takes for your digital marketing campaigns to succeed. We provide pre- and post-launch testing and support, proactive monitoring and reporting, and so much more.

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