Hybrid Cloud

Rock-solid, secure infrastructure for your dynamic business

Your business and website or application is dynamic. What we mean is that a large portion of your infrastructure is stable and there for the long term. There may be periods however where you may need to scale up or down very quickly.

There might be instances where you may have portions of your business running in The Private Cloud, Public Cloud and/or Dedicated Server environments. If this happens, you want to keep your specialized applications or sensitive data on managed physical servers and seamlessly integrate all your other Cloud servers.

You’ve got a need for a Hybrid Cloud

According to 451 Research, the “next two years will be the era of the Hybrid Cloud, with 68 percent of customers planning to adopt Hybrid Cloud models – up from 49 percent today.

It’s not a surprise that Hybrid hosting provides the most flexible and versatile Cloud deployment services. Stand-alone components can run independently or as part of a network. You can connect a co-located and/or dedicated environment to a private or public cloud via a private dedicated network. Then, replicate to a secondary PointClick data center for secure availability of all mission-critical data and applications.

Many businesses want the benefits of The Cloud, but require multiple IT platforms, due to legacy applications, special IT attributes such as heavy spikes, or regulatory mandates. Unlike some providers who use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, PointClick can mix and match any of our server architectures into a Hybrid managed cloud environment.

What does this mean to you? No need to maintain disparate, under-utilized infrastructures. Talk to us if you’re curious to find out more about a Hybrid Cloud!

Hybrid Cloud

What Should You Expect?

Easy to Use

All PointClick Cloud Hosting plans come with an easy to use Control Panel, an automated point-and-click website administration tool.

On-Demand Scalability

Consume resources as you need them. This allows you to seamlessly react to unexpected traffics or prepare for seasonal spikes.

Fully Managed

We take care of the file migration, virtual machine setup and configuration for you, and your services are ready to go in minutes.

Compliance & Security

Managed servers are ideal for applications that require extra security. Connect security sensitive applications to traffic intensive resources.

Reliably Stable

Automatic failover measures are configured at each layer to ensure your website and applications are accessible at all times.

Unconditional Support

Unconditional support is available for all customers and includes access to online documentation, community forums, and billing support.

Ready To Deploy Your Own Hybrid Cloud?

Don’t throw away your legacy servers or colocation. Integrate it to our Cloud with performance
optimizations, failover and redundancy, support for your applications,
and a 24×7 managed services team to make sure you’re taken care of.

Because every little thing matters in managed hosting.