Cloud Hosting

What is on-demand Cloud Server Hosting?

It’s a question that gets asked all the time, so let’s take a few minutes to explain:

Cloud Server Hosting

  1. Imagine 100s and 1000s of servers. They are all humming along nicely in a big data center
  2. Don’t think of them as individual servers, but think of them as one gigantic pool.
  3. This is a Cloud.
  4. We can then divide this pool into many, many smaller pools. One of these smaller pools can be your Cloud.
  5. Since all of the division and creation of these Clouds (including yours) is performed by software, it’s all virtual.
  6. It means then that these Clouds can be divided and created (and taken apart) almost instantaneously.

What does Cloud Server Hosting mean for you?

It means that the Cloud can be very cost efficient. Why? Because we can make your “pool” as big or as small as you need depending on how much resources you will consume.

We can also make it match your needs over time or almost instantaneously; so if you have “bursts” of activity on your site or web application, we’ll make sure your pool grows “on-demand” to guarantee performance doesn’t degrade for your visitors or users. The flexibility and scalability in a pay-only-for-what-you-use model means you get exactly the infrastructure you need.

So what is the difference between Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds? Are they all secure?

You can read up more about the differences in each of the different Cloud types (and YES, they are all secure!):

What Should You Expect?

Easy to Use

All PointClick Cloud Hosting plans come with an easy to use Control Panel, an automated point-and-click website administration tool.

On-Demand Scalability

Consume resources as you need them. This allows you to seamlessly react to unexpected traffics or prepare for seasonal spikes.

Fully Managed

We take care of the file migration, virtual machine setup and configuration for you, and your services are ready to go in minutes.

Compliance & Security

Managed servers are ideal for applications that require extra security. Connect security sensitive applications to traffic intensive resources.

Reliably Stable

Automatic failover measures are configured at each layer to ensure your website and applications are accessible at all times.

Unconditional Support

Unconditional support is available for all customers and includes access to online documentation, community forums, and billing support.

Ready To Deploy On A Trusted Environment?

We’ve built the perfect home for your sites and applications with performance optimizations, failover and redundancy, support for your applications, and a 24×7 team to make sure you’re taken care of.

Because every little thing matters in managed hosting.